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AAA Family Gems – Engagement Ring Shopping Made Easy!

  • Interested in getting the most for your money?
  • Afraid of getting taken by a “big box” retailer?
  • Having trouble choosing the right ring?
  • Looking for an experience you might actually…enjoy?

Then you’re in for a real treat! Because if there’s one thing we are proud of, it’s the countless men we have helped over the years with selecting that perfect engagement ring for their special someone.

Sure, you can go to any jewelry store and have a salesperson explain the 4 Cs of diamonds to you (which by now you’ve probably researched on your own, thanks to the internet). That’s Jewelry 101. At AAA Family Gems, we take it a giant step further.

Many of our customers are men who come to us desperate and fed up with their engagement ring shopping experiences with other jewelry stores. They don’t believe it’s possible to enjoy the experience of selecting an engagement ring. Wrong! We will do all the leg work for you, so you can focus on what’s really important – the significance of what it is you’re about to do!

Here are some of the problems they encounter, and how AAA Family Gems can help:

I’m not sure what she wants.

No problem! We’ll help you select the finest diamond to fit your budget and we will mount it in a temporary setting. Once you’ve popped the question, bring her in and she can choose her new setting herself!

I don’t know what I’m looking at.

If you don’t know the 4 Cs, we won’t make you feel inadequate – we’re just here to help. We will happily explain everything you need to know to make the best, most informed decision. Whether we make a sale or not, our primary goal is to make you feel comfortable. We aren’t salesy or pushy, we just love what we do. After over 30 years in business, we have a wealth of useful information at our fingertips – and we are happy to share it with anyone who can benefit!

I don’t have enough money for what she wants.

You might just be wrong there. Mall retailers and other jewelry chains hike up the prices quite a bit. We are able to keep our costs low – even for certified diamonds – and can get you a lot more for your money than you can get elsewhere! Come on in and see if we’re not right.

She likes a very unique/antique ring.

If we don’t have what she likes in our inventory, we’ll look for it. And if we can’t find it, we’ll custom make it! Anything she can imagine, we can create. So let her imagination run wild and we’ll help you make her dreams come true!

Engagement Rings in Tustin – AAA Family Gems

We can indeed make your engagement ring shopping experience a positive one. We are about building relationships that last a lifetime. As you begin this new chapter of your life, we offer you our congratulations! We hope to serve you and your new family for many years to come.

Stop by our Tustin location or visit our online store, Country Club Jewels. Call with any questions you may have! (714) 544-1141